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A Celebrity Trainer's Do-Anywhere Workout

author image Laura Vogel
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A Celebrity Trainer's Do-Anywhere Workout
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Who doesn't want to be fit and sexy for life? Well, LA-based celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler wrote the book on it. (Seriously, check out "Fit and Sexy for Life" on Amazon.) And knows all about getting her clients (including Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston) into movie-ready shape quickly. But since most of us can't afford a fancy personal trainer five days a week with an expensive gym membership to match, here's her quick and simple full-body workout with exercises you can do anywhere. For most of the moves, there are two options -- beginner and advanced. Choose the one that works with your fitness level and move on as you get stronger.

1a. Modified Push-Ups
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1 . Modified Push-Ups

Push-ups work your chest, core, shoulders and arms. "But if you're not strong enough to do a straight-leg push-up in the beginning, absolutely start on your knees," says Kaehler. If you're a beginner, do three sets 10 reps. As you progress and are able to do between 15 to 20 reps in each set, you can begin doing the move on your toes (see next slide). HOW TO DO IT: Start on your hands and knees with your body in a straight line from knees to shoulders. Bend your elbows alongside your body and lower your chest to the ground. Press back up to start for one rep.

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1b. Standard Push-Ups
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1 . Standard Push-Ups

If you feel strong enough and think you're ready to progress, move on to the full push-up. "The key to getting the most out of the push-up is to perfect the form" Kaehler says. "When you bend your elbows, your belly button should be pulled in toward the spine; your body should raise and lower in one piece, from hips to shoulder." HOW TO DO IT: Start with your legs straight out behind you, weight balanced between your hands and toes. Then, from the top of the move, arms straight, slowly lower your body so your chest hovers a few inches above the ground, with a count -- down for two; up for two. Do three sets of 10 reps.

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2a. Beginner Walking Lunges
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2 . Beginner Walking Lunges

Walking lunges give you a full lower-body workout. Not only do they target your quads, hamstrings and glutes but also give you a dose of cardio thanks to the walking. HOW TO DO THEM: Start this exercise standing with your hands on your hips. To begin, separate your legs enough so that when you lower your body down, your knees and hips are at 90-degree angles. Start doing walking lunges in an even number. Begin with 10 steps forward, turn around and do 10 steps back. Repeat for three sets total.

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2b. Advanced Walking Lunges
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2 . Advanced Walking Lunges

Once you've mastered the lunges with your hands on your hips, begin doing them with your arms extending straight outward, using opposite arms and legs. As you progress with your lunges and arms engaged -- about 20 lunges forward, 20 back -- you can add kettelbells or weights. “Start with two-pound weights in each hand and work your way up,” says Kaehler. HOW TO DO THEM: Step forward with your right leg, raising your left arm to chest height. Make sure your hips and knees are at 90-degree angles. Step your left leg to meet your right leg as you stand up. Repeat on the other leg/other arm, walking forward for 10, turning around and heading back to the start with another 10 lunges. Repeat for a total of three sets.

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3a. Beginner Jumping Jacks
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3 . Beginner Jumping Jacks

This is a really great cardio move to get your heart rate up either at the beginning of a workout or between other moves. "Jumping jacks have been around forever, most everyone can do them, and they provide terrific large-muscle movement," Kaehler says. HOW TO DO THEM: Start with both feet on the ground, arms raised overhead in a V-shape. In this variation, you don't jump up into the air, you just hop from one leg to the other. Do three sets of 20 modified jumping jacks.

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3b. Advanced Jumping Jacks
Photo Credit: Natasha Lee

3 . Advanced Jumping Jacks

For those who can sustain impact, full jumping jacks help build bone mass. You can either do a timed set (start with one minute) or you can do numbered sets (begin with 25). In this workout, complete three sets. How you land in a jumping jack is just as important as how you leap up, Kaehler says. Make sure your movement is controlled and balanced to get the most out of the movement and prevent injury. HOW TO DO THEM: Start standing. Jump your legs out to the sides as you raise your arms overhead. Jump your feet back together and bring your hands to your side. That's one rep!

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4. Plank Walk Down Hold
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4 Plank Walk Down Hold

This move works your arms, core and glutes. "The key to proper form for the plank is pulling the belly button in, pulling glutes tight and moving your shoulder blades back and down towards your waist," says Kaehler. HOW TO DO IT: Start in a plank on your hands, hold for 10 seconds. Then, slowly lower your body down so that your upper-body weight is resting on your elbows, and hold for 10 seconds. From your elbows, slowly move your hands to the ground and rise up again to a straight-elbow position. "The intensity is more a matter of time than repetitions," says Kaehler. "If you can hold for a few seconds without sacrificing form, up to two minutes, you're really going to feel this in your core."

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What Do YOU Think?
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What Do YOU Think?

Have you done this workout yet? What did you think? What was your favorite exercise? Which one was the hardest? Have you ever worked out with a trainer before? What did you think? Are your normal workouts similar to this one? If not, what does a normal workout look like for you? Share your thought, suggestions and questions in the comments section below!

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