How Many Calories Are in Caesar Salad Dressing?

Caesar dressing is full of fatty ingredients, making it high in calories.
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Egg yolks, vegetable oil, canned anchovies and grated parmesan cheese are just some of the high-fat ingredients you'll typically find in any Caesar salad dressing recipe. While mixing these staples with a little lemon juice and mustard can give you the perfect dressing for freshly chopped romaine, they'll also give you a lot of calories. By opting for a low-calorie or fat-free version though, some of those fatty ingredients are minimized, making your favorite dressing a lighter addition to your greens.

Calories in Various Caesar Dressings

If you love the creamy texture of a regular Caesar dressing, you'll get around 80 calories from just 1 tablespoon. Ninety-five percent of the total calories are from fat. Selecting either a low-calorie or fat-free Caesar dressing cuts the calories by more than 70 percent, giving you just 16 to 22 calories per tablespoon. Low-fat Caesar provides less than 38 percent calories from fat, which goes down to less than 2 percent if you get the fat-free type.