Nutritional Information of a Ham Salad Baguette

Baguettes have a crispy crust and soft doughy center.
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A ham salad baguette is a balanced snack with carbohydrates from the bread, protein from the meat and vitamins from the salad. However, the overall nutritional information depends on the type of bread, ham and salad. It also varies depending on how large the portion and whether you use any sauces in the baguette.

Total Calories

A 2-oz. standard white baguette containing 2 oz. of ham, four slices of cucumber, a quarter cup of iceberg lettuce and half a medium tomato contains around 272.5 calories. The total number of calories changes depending on the type of ham and bread you use.


A baguette, sometimes known as French bread, forms a long, thin loaf that's often eaten in serving sizes of around 2 oz. Standard white or sourdough baguette contains 164 calories in a 2-oz. serving. Carbohydrates make up 56 percent of the calories, with 3 percent from sugars. However, two store-bought examples of granary and brown baguettes contain slightly lower calorie levels. Both granary and brown baguettes contain around 140 calories per 2 oz., according to nutritionists Juliette Kellow, BSc RD, and Rebecca Walton. These baguettes also contain up to twice the fiber content as white baguettes.


A serving of ham equals around 2 oz., according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. You can buy different types of ham, each with different fat and calorie contents. For example, a portion of regular sliced ham contains 91 calories. Fat makes up 11 percent of the serving, including 3 percent saturated fat. However, a serving of extra-lean sliced ham contains around 60 calories, with around 3 percent fat.


Salad may include lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Most salad items are low in calories and add minerals and vitamins to the meal. Half a cup of shredded iceberg lettuce contains just 5 calories and almost zero fat and protein. However, lettuce contains useful substances such as vitamin C and potassium. A slice of cucumber contains only a single calorie, according to MyFood-a-pedia. A whole medium tomato contains 22 calories, 237 mg of potassium and 13.7 mg of vitamin C.


Some people add sauce or dressing to a ham salad baguette. The calories and nutritional changes sauces make to the sandwich depend on the type of dressing. For example, 1 tbsp. of light mayo adds 49 calories and around 1/5 oz. of fat, according to the USDA. Full-fat mayo adds up to 57 calories. Creamy ranch dressing contains up to 71 calories per tablespoon.