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Fish oil supplements are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, a polyunsaturated fat that helps lower the body's triglyceride level. When combined with diet and exercise, fish oil may help prevent heart disease. Although no established recommendations exist regarding the best time of day to take the supplement, taking fish oil at night should be safe -- just talk to your doctor before you begin.

Timing Considerations

Choose a time of day when you're most likely to remember the supplement -- whether that's with breakfast in the morning or while brushing your teeth at night. Some people experience indigestion, upset stomach, belching and gastric distress after taking fish oil supplements. If you experience side effects, you may want to avoid taking the supplement before any important activities -- such as a work presentation, holiday party or sports game.

Interactions With Medications

According to, fish oil can interact with a wide variety of medications, including hormone replacements, beta-blockers, blood thinners and diuretics. To ensure your health and safety, consult your physician if you're currently taking medications and would like to start taking fish oil supplements.

Is This an Emergency?

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