Running Gear and Accessories for Track, Trail and Treadmill

One of the best things about running is that it doesn't require any special equipment. It's just you and the open road (or treadmill or trail or track). But even though you don't have to have fun accessories or high-tech gear, it's still fun to experiment — as long as you're not in the middle of training for a serious race.

Gear up for your next run with these recommendations from our team. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

And who knows? You might improve your pace and endurance in the testing process. So whether you're a minimalist or a technology junkie, you'll want to check out all the new gear, clothing and accessories our staffers have put to the test.

Balega Women’s Enduro Low-Cut Socks

"These socks felt like a family of baby clouds was lovingly hugging my feet." (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I always thought nice socks — especially running socks — were a luxury. Not anymore. After running in these socks, I now understand nice socks are a necessity. They were snug, airy, light and comfortable. In a sentence: These socks felt like a family of baby clouds was lovingly hugging my feet for the entire run. For me, that feeling is definitely worth $13 a pop. With a 7.5 shoe size, the smalls fit perfectly."

—Niki Gruttadauria, former social media manager

Buy it:; Price: $13

CamelBak Circuit

Whether you're running or hiking, you'll want this on your back to stay hydrated. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I'm already a huge fan of CamelBak, but the Circuit vest is my new go-to for longer runs or hiking around Southern California. It's practically weightless, offering only the essentials — a 1.5-liter water reservoir and two small front pockets that are within reach when wearing the pack. Perfect for warmer temps, the bag offers a mesh lining (allowing you to keep cool) and sweat-proof pockets (a win for your cellphone)."

—Kelly Plowe, RD, former nutrition editor

Buy it:; Price: $85

JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds

Jam out to your favorite workout playlist with these headphones. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"These headphones quickly made my workout must-have list. With crisp and immersive sound, ergonomic fit and ridiculously long battery life, the JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds are perfect when I'm looking to tune out, pump my favorite workout mix and get lost in a workout."

—Jason Capunitan, formerly of Leaf Group,'s parent company

Buy it:; Price: $99

Protalus Insoles

Show your feet some love for all the support they give you. (Image: Rachel Grice)

"I have been using these insoles for about a month now, and they still feel like new every time I put them on. I have used them while I go running and hiking and my feet have never felt better after such workouts! There is no pain in my feet, which I used to experience on a regular basis prior to using these due to a previous foot fracture."

—Jill Shah, formerly of Leaf Group

Buy it:; Price: $99.95

Safe-Flash Personal Reflectors

When running early in the morning or at night, you want to make sure you're visible. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I live in Los Angeles, so my neighborhood is pretty busy, and I've had a few near misses when walking my dog at night. I love the Safe-Flash Personal Reflectors because they can stick to anything — hats, sweatshirts, dog collars, etc. — keeping me and my pup safe."

—Kelly Plowe, RD, former nutrition editor

Buy it:; Price: varies

Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Sport Sandal

These don't look like much, but they're fantastic to slip on after a run. (Image: Shelby Pratt)

"These shoes did not seem like they were going to handle much when I first tried them on. A few cleverly placed straps, some thin yet comfortable material for the sole and nothing more. Forty-five days of daily wear, which included hiking over various terrain — beach sand, river crossings, rocks, gravel, manicured city trails and a few trips off into the woods with no path at all — proved that not only do these shoes hold up to the abuse, they have become my favorite light shoe."

—Shelby Pratt, former senior customer support manager

Buy it:; Price: $59.99

Mitscoots Low-Cut Performance Socks

The right socks can make all the difference on your run. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"Mitscoots moisture-wicking socks are the thick-soled, arch-supporting running socks you didn't even know you needed. Long-distance runners know that the wrong sock can prevent you reaching your weekly mileage or beating your PR. The soft, plushy fabric of the Mitscoots provides your well-worn running soles with the cushioning they need, whether you're running a 5K or a marathon. If you've avoided low-profile socks because you've found yourself yanking them up at every turn, fear not: The extended heel pad on the Mitscoots are slippage free and protect your heels from blistering."

—Dena Karsenty, director of product for Leaf Group

Buy it:; Price: $12

TomTom Runner 2 Cardio

Track all of your runs from your wrist. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"There are apps that track distance, calories and time, and then there's this watch. It does all that, plus heart rate, which is measured at your wrist so you don't need an uncomfortable chest strap. And it's also your own personal running coach. Depending on what your goal is, you can interval train, race yourself, track training zones or count laps. It also syncs with a desktop app so that you can chart your progress and plan out your training regimen. It does take a bit of time to acclimate yourself to all of the functions, but once you do, you're set."

—Rachel Grice, senior fitness editor

Buy it:; Price: $149.99

Active Accessories On-The-Go Hair Bands

Keep your hair pulled back and out of your face during your runs. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I love these hair ties! What I like the most about them is that they don't leave that unattractive dent in my hair like the normal elastic ties do (perfect for quickly throwing my hair up at work when needed and still being able to wear it down later). Also, they look cute as a bracelet on my wrist. If you have thick hair, they might not hold your hair up very well, especially while running. But for medium to thin hair, they work wonders!"

—Jill Shah, formerly of Leaf Group

Buy it:; Price: $5.99

Healing Tree All Natural Muscle Rub

Your tired, achy muscles need this rub. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I've used other muscle rubs in the past, and they've all had a pretty strong, unnatural scent. This one definitely has a strong scent as well, but it smells natural and refreshing instead. There's no wax, alcohol or parabens in it, but it really works well the day after a long, hard run — or in conjunction with my foam roller."

—Rachel Grice, senior fitness editor

Buy it:; Price: $16.95

Skida Nordic Hat

Stay warm during your winter runs with a breathable beanie. (Image: Skida Headwear and Shelby Pratt)

"The fit of this hat is phenomenal! It comes down enough — about mid-ear — to keep me toasty-warm without slipping and moving all over the place or making me feel as if my head was buried under tons of material. Lightweight enough to barely notice it's there, but able to keep the wind and cold out and heat in. I wore this in rainy Pacific Northwest weather and was impressed with how warm and dry my head stayed while out on hikes."

—Shelby Pratt, former senior customer support manager

Buy it:; Price: $30

Waxelene Anti-Chafe Balm

No one likes chafing. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"No runner wants to use that communal container of petroleum jelly they have available on race day, and the regular stuff you buy at the store can be so goopy and oily. But Waxelene doesn't contain any petroleum or artificial ingredients — it's basically just soy oil and beeswax. While it isn't 100-percent scent-free, the scent isn't really that noticeable, and it's definitely better than the alternative."

—Rachel Grice, senior fitness editor

Buy it:; Price: $34.99

Go Motion Synergy Hydration LightVest

This hydration pack also features a light for increased visibility at night. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"I'm the kind of person that really hates wearing a utility belt to hold my water bottle and gels when I run. But this pack is light enough and secure enough to not bother me on runs or hikes. Plus, as a nighttime runner, I really appreciate having a light on the front and back of the pack. The first time I wore it while listening to music through headphones, there was a jumble of wires and straps and tubing to deal with, but I've learned how to place everything so that it's not a mess."

—Rachel Grice, senior fitness editor

Buy it:; Price: $53.82

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones

Earbuds that mold to your ears? Sign us up! (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earphones were very easy to set up — took me less than 10 minutes. I was eager to try the built-in heart-rate monitor. It is unique in that there is no need to wear a separate heart-rate sensor. It read my heart rate directly from my ear and conveniently sent data to the Jabra SportLife app (connected via Bluetooth).

"There are a wide range of sizing options for the earbuds and ear hooks, so I had no problem finding my size (and I'm a petite, five-foot woman). Music quality was great and provided noise isolation. Overall, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earphones are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use."

—Audrey Fang, formerly of Leaf Group

Buy it:; Price: varies

Mitscoots Recovery Socks

These fun recovery socks give you something to look forward to after your run. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"[These] knee-high socks are a great pair of supportive, cozy recovery socks. While these cushy socks are not exactly built tough for the wear and tear of the road or the trails, they are the perfect fit for those days you want to keep your tootsies and calves warm. Or if you're just looking to brighten up your wardrobe, the playful purple-stripe pattern with a hint of neon green adds an element of fun."

—Dena Karsenty, director of product for Leaf Group

Buy it:; Price: $12

ICOE Bracelet

When out running solo, it's safety first. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"Having one of these bracelets in high school would have allayed a lot of my parents' concerns when I went out running by myself. Instead of carrying an ID (which might have too much personal info or an emergency contact number), this cute little rubber bracelet is completely customizable to have whatever phone numbers, allergies or medical conditions you want. You never want to think about fainting or collapsing on your run, but it's really important to plan for those kinds of emergencies. And it's so lightweight that you don't even really notice it's there until you need it."

—Rachel Grice, senior fitness editor

Buy it:; Price: $12.99

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

Wipe away the sweat and grime and leave your face feeling refreshed. (Image: Kelsey Tucker/

"After an intense run, these face wipes are like getting a mini facial. On their recommendation, I put them in the fridge before a run, and then when I come back they're cold and refreshing. My skin is a little sensitive, so I usually wait several minutes until my pores close a little, but I love the light, spa-like scent and the way my skin feels afterward."

—Rachel Grice, Fitness Editor

Buy it:; Price: $24

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