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16 Types of People You've Definitely Seen at the Gym

Brittany Shelton
Brittany Shelton is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and writer for

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16 Types of People You've Definitely Seen at the Gym
The gym is a wonderful place. Photo Credit: Giphy

The gym is no longer the sole hangout of bodybuilders pumping iron. Rather, now the gym is a melting pot of people and personalities. And that’s great, because it means health and fitness has become more mainstream. So what happens when you throw all these diverse workout styles together in one location? You get a beautiful microcosm of the world around you (or at least the city where your gym is located). Regardless of personalities and specific goals, everyone in the gym has one thing in common: They’re there to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here are 16 types of people you’ve likely encountered at your gym.

1. The Avid Texter
She’s always up to date. Photo Credit: ABC Family

1  The Avid Texter

This person prides themselves on quick replies. But you can bet they do more than just text. They’re hopping onto social media, listening to their favorite podcast and checking sports scores faster than you can finish your squats. Can you blame them? It’s easy to get sidetracked, and, honestly, sometimes people need the distraction to get through their LISS cardio. Plus, if you’re curious about the latest apps, this is your go-to person!

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2. The Selfie Taker
Selfies or it didn’t happen, right? Photo Credit: Giphy

2 The Selfie Taker

But first, let them take a selfie! You may awkwardly walk in on their #sweatyselfie locker-room photo shoot or find them in the weight-room corner where everyone knows the lighting is just right to highlight their physique. You may be tempted to get annoyed at them taking up valuable mirror space, but look at it this way: Their Instagrams may be the thing that motivates their followers to get off the couch and into the gym!

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3. The Girl Who Lifts
She’s not afraid to lift heavy. Photo Credit: Muscle Motivation

3 The Girl Who Lifts

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot more of this type of girl, and we hope that trend continues! This is the girl over at the squat rack who knows that lifting heavy weights won’t make her “manly.” She’s on a mission to reach her goals, and no one can stop her. Her self-confidence sometimes makes her an intimidating gymgoer, but, we promise, she’s a lot nicer than her resting gym face. (Just don’t interrupt her sets.)

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4. The Powerful Grunter
You got this! Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

4  The Powerful Grunter

The more they grunt, the more they can lift. (No, really, it’s science!) And lifting heavy objects is their thing. These fitness fanatics never go unnoticed. And, sure, it can be distracting, but it’s just their way of getting the most out of their workout. Plus, if you ever run out of gas, they’ll be the one who’ll gladly push your car to the nearest gas station.

5. Mr./Ms. “In the Zone”
Nothing else matters but the workout at hand. Photo Credit: Giphy

5 Mr./Ms. “In the Zone”

Once their headphones are on, watch out! The rest of the world ceases to exist, and it’s down to business. They’re in the zone, and their music is going to motivate them to cross the finish line (either literally or figuratively). They lip-sync and head-bop throughout their entire workout. Want to know the latest music release or the best Spotify playlists for leg day? This person has your back!

6. The Fit Couple
The couple that sweats together stays together! Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6  The Fit Couple

Yes, technically they’re two people, but in the gym they operate as a single unit. And they’re all about relationship goals. Fit couples share a common bond of working out. They do everything together already, so why wouldn’t they hit the gym together too? It’s very unlikely you’ll ever spot these two without their partner in crime. Together they’re stronger as they motivate each other to do better.

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7. The Bodybuilder
Hard work pays off! Photo Credit: Sticker Market

7  The Bodybuilder

Having this determined athlete in the gym can serve as some serious motivation. The gym is his church, and he takes his workouts and nutrition very seriously, which is obvious from his lean, muscular appearance. He’s usually lugging around a gallon of water and wearing clothes that show off his hard-earned physique. In between sets you can find him posing and flexing in the mirror with admirable confidence. Nothing wrong with admiring your hard work!

8. The Beauty Queen
Lookin’ good, girl! Photo Credit: Giphy

8 The Beauty Queen

She is the definition of glam. Her makeup and hair are always done, and she never seems to sweat — she glows. Maybe she was born with it, or maybe it’s just the new highlighter she’s trying out. Just like some people love wearing new workout clothes to boost their spirits a little and motivate them to get to the gym, this girl loves looking her best when she’s out in public. So if you’re wondering what her favorite products are, just ask! After her workout is over, of course.

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9. The Varsity Team
The force is strong with these ones. Photo Credit: Odyssey

9 The Varsity Team

This is the group of guys that park their cars together, enter the gym as a pack and lift heavy together. They aren’t hard to find — usually three to five athletic guys alternating spotting each other. And they’re the ones slapping each other on the backs during a rest period and only occasionally goof off between sets. These guys are the life of the party.

10. The Slightly Absentminded
Oops! Photo Credit: Giphy

10 The Slightly Absentminded

Oops! They did it again. They forgot to rack the weights or left the foam roller in the group exercise class. Just kindly pick up behind them, and maybe they’ll get the hint. Or how about the ones wearing jeans or their work shoes because they forgot their gym bag at home. We all have those days when we’re a little bit forgetful. And you gotta give these folks props on their dedication and effort for getting in a workout despite it all.

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11. The Observer
People watching is half the fun. Photo Credit: Odyssey

11 The Observer

With all these new types of people at the gym, it’s almost like gyms are the new coffee shops — the perfect place to see and be seen. And this type of gymgoer finds plenty of entertainment by people watching. It can be a fun distraction in between sets or while you’re plodding along on the elliptical to take a peek around the gym to see who all is there. But don’t let it sideline your groove!

12. Prince Charming
He’s a smooth operator. Photo Credit: Giphy

12 Prince Charming

Does he work at the gym? Nope. He just introduces himself to everyone. Meet him once, and he’ll act like he’s known you for years. You can find him shooting the breeze with gym members, gym employees and trainers before, during and after his workouts. He’s quite charming and somehow always has more than just the weather to talk about. So be sure to say hi to him on the way out: He just may brighten your day!

13. The Cardio Queen
Don’t try this at home! Photo Credit: Giphy

13 The Cardio Queen

Maybe she’s training for an upcoming race. Or maybe there’s nothing that gets her endorphins revved like intervals on the bike. Whatever the reason, this girl loves her some cardio! She’s a creature of habit and finds comfort in doing the familiar, which, in this case, is one of the cardio machines. Whether she’s pounding it out on the treadmill, spinning her wheels on the stationary bike or switching it up on the rowing machine, she always works up a good sweat and usually leaves all smiles.

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14. The Girl Squad
Just a girl and her squad. Photo Credit: Yahoo!

14 The Girl Squad

These are the girls that carpool together, chat in the locker room and work out as a group. They share the latest tips they read in their favorite fitness magazines and discuss which class they want to hit up next. You can find them side by side in yoga class with their coordinating lululemons or circled up for a post-Pilates photo. Working out with your girlfriends is an awesome way to hold yourself accountable and get in a challenging workout. Plus, the plethora of cute photos don’t hurt.

15. The Best Dressed
Work it! Photo Credit: Beautyhaven

15 The Best Dressed

From head to toe, this person’s gym gear is on point. They live and breathe trendy. They own the latest shoes, the freshest gym gear and the hottest technology. But as many of us can attest, a new outfit is sometimes just what we need to get our butts back into the gym, especially if you’ve recently lost weight and your old workout clothes just don’t fit anymore. Are you trailing in the fashion world? These peeps will let you know what’s in and what’s out.

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16. The Game Tape Reviewer
Gotta get it on tape. Photo Credit: Alloy

16 The Game Tape Reviewer

Video or it didn’t happen, right? Recording workouts has become increasingly popular due to social media. Although this may seem annoying — particularly if you’re awkwardly in the background doing squats, these videos can actually do a lot of good in shoring up sloppy form and preventing injury. Consider them like Monday-morning football players. How can you get better if you don’t watch and learn from your mistakes?

What Do YOU Think?
Tell us what you think! Photo Credit: Comedy Central

What Do YOU Think?

Which type of gymgoer are you? Which personalities do you observe frequently at your gym? Which personality makes you chuckle? Remember, this list isn’t to shame anyone, but rather to celebrate the different personalities that come together for a similar purpose. We love each and every one of these unique personalities because without them — let’s face it — the gym would be a boring place!

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