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Skin Health

How to Heal Chapped Lips in Pregnancy

How to Heal Chapped Lips in Pregnancy. Many women start paying attention to their pregnancy symptoms as soon as the pregnancy test...

What Causes Yellow Color in My Hands?

What Causes Yellow Color in My Hands?. Changes to the color of your skin can be a worrisome discovery, whether this discoloration ...

How to Stop Clogged Pores in the Genital Area

Here's a question you probably never want to ask yourself: Is it worse to have clogged pores on your face or in your privates? Whi...

How to Look Pretty With Acne

Acne can be an unsightly skin condition that usually attacks the face, making the condition highly visible. It causes a variety of...

How to Remove Crusty Bumps on the Skin

Skin is a protective covering meant to guard the internal systems from infection. When skin develops a break, your body will take ...

How to Get Rid of Red Skin Moles

Most people have moles on their skin. These discolored spots can appear at birth, or develop later in life from hormonal changes. ...

Bumps on Legs & Arms When Pregnant

Bumps are a common skin condition during pregnancy, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, but this does not mean that ...

Tiny White Bumps on the Skin

Milia are small harmless white skin bumps that most often occur across the nose, cheeks and chin, but can appear anywhere on the b...

Small Bumps on a Toddler's Skin

Discovering small bumps on your toddler's skin can lead you to worry that your child may have a contagious illness like measles or...

Bumps on Skin After Swimming

Swimming provides good exercise and recreation for adults and children. When you get bumps on your skin after swimming, though, yo...
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