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Which Is Dirtier: Your Reusable Water Bottle or a Toilet Seat?

A new study finds that reusable water bottles are host to an alarming number of viable bacterial cells....

Why Athletes Are Turning to Marijuana-Infused Water

Cannabis-infused water is now on the market and claims to improve your workout by not only hydrating, but alleviating aches and pa...

Benefits of Lemon Water

While it's tempting to grab your favorite iced tea, latte or sports drink when looking for something to quench your thirst, keep i...

Why Do We Need Water Filters?

Water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and other impurities that make it smell and taste bad. Some of these contaminants can ...

Arrowhead Water Nutrition Facts

On the southern slope of California’s San Bernardino mountains, there is a large rock formation shaped like an arrowhead. A ...

The Calories in Perrier Mineral Water

Perrier mineral water bubbles up from a natural mineral spring in France. The water is carbonated by natural gases that form under...

About Alkaline Water for a Baby

Just when you think you've heard it all, someone comes up with a new nutrition fad. Sometimes it's easy to discern the tre...

Is Alkaline Water Good for Children?

Some makers of alkaline water claim the higher pH levels it contains give your body more energy and can slow the aging process. Th...

Does Tap Water Have More Minerals Than Filtered Water?

Tap water can contain more minerals than filtered water, with the mineral content in tap water varying by city and source. Drinkin...

Is Lemon Water Good for Type II Diabetics?

Lemon water is a healthy choice for persons with Type 2 diabetes especially if you include lemon pulp. In addition to preventing ...
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