Low-Carb Vegan Meal Plan

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Vegan diets exclude all animal products, including meats, dairy and eggs. Because these animal products are high in protein, a low-carb vegan meal planner needs to seek out large amounts of plant-based protein sources. Options include tofu, fake meats, plant-based milks and plenty of vegetables, many of which are low-carb.

Breakfast Ideas

Many people enjoy scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. A vegan version of this low-carb breakfast might include tofu and soy-based bacon. Mash the tofu to resemble eggs, add olive oil and your favorite spices to taste, and dress it up with some diced onion and celery. Serve the tofu with sauteed soy bacon on the side. Or make tofu "egg patties" and soy sausage. An almond milk-based smoothie with tofu and berries also makes a good low-carb breakfast choice.

Noontime Meals

Sandwiches and wraps are lunchtime staples, but most contain meat, fish or cheese, as well as high-carb bread. Low-carb vegan sandwiches can feature vegan lunchmeats. To lower the carb count, use only one slice of bread, or buy low-carb breads. If you'd like to avoid the bread altogether, replace it with lettuce and make soy turkey lettuce wraps.

Dinner Choices

The centerpiece of dinner is often meat-based, but vegan options abound. As with many meals, diners can turn to vegan meats for protein, flavor and meat-like consistency. Soy ground beef is an effective substitute for ground beef in many dishes, including chili, casseroles and sauces. Soy meatballs play a similar role. Stir-fry vegetables with tofu or soy chicken strips. Spice up the stir-fry with soy sauce, lemon and garlic, or other favorite flavors.

Tasty Snacks

Many snacks are carb-laden, even vegan ones like pretzels and popcorn. For a low-carb vegan snack, munch on kale chips. Simply remove the kale's center stem, then wash and dry the kale. Toss it with olive oil, salt and other spices. Bake at 300 degrees for about eight minutes, turning once. Other low-carb vegan snacks include a few olives or veggie sticks dipped in a little hummus.

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