Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification

People are in an indoor cycling class.
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Indoor cycling is a popular form of cardiovascular exercise. You can burn 600 calories or more during a one-hour class, burning fat and sculpting lean legs. Using a stationary bike with varied resistance, the class instructor takes you through a simulated racing course of hills and varied terrain. If you're passionate enough about cycling to get certified to teach others, you'll be happy to know that becoming a Schwinn indoor cycling instructor isn't too hard to do.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification

The Schwinn certification course is an 8-hour course featuring topics specific to conducting a safe, effective class. It includes proper riding technique, bike fit, physiology and cycling science. The course concludes with a written exam. Test scores, certificate, and instructor card are mailed several weeks after successful completion of the certification course. There are three levels of instructor certification.

Bronze-Level Certification

Instructors with no previous experience teaching indoor cycling start at the bronze level of certification. During certification, instructors are taught effective indoor cycling, music selection and coaching skills. Instructors also learn muscle anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and mind/body training principles. Instructors participate in a two-day certification which includes a practical classroom setting and a written exam. To maintain bronze-level certification, instructors must complete continuing education courses or participate in a Schwinn Fitness Academy convention every two years.

Silver-Level Certification

Bronze-level instructors who desire to reach the silver level of instructor certification must successfully complete the Target Heart Rate course and silver-level test, and two continuing education modules. The total credit requirement for this course is 20. Maintenance of silver-level certification includes continuing education courses or participation in the Schwinn Fitness Academy convention every two years.

Gold-Level Certification

The gold and highest level of instructor certification is obtained by passing eight continuing education courses and the silver test. A total of 40 credit hours is the requirement for this level of certification. To maintain gold-level certification, the instructor must participate in continuing education courses and participate in the Schwinn Fitness Academy convention every two years.