Can Wearing Copper Improve Your Health or Is It a Hoax?

Copper is one controversial metal. According to various claims, wearing it can provide a wealth of benefits — including easing arthritic soreness by wearing copper jewelry, preventing athlete's foot with copper-infused clothing, and much more.

Alleviate arthritis pain and be fashionable with copper rings. Credit: Pitango Rings

Several scientific studies have been done on the health effects of copper, but the results were inconsistent. Regardless of conflicting research and varying opinions, many people continue to sing copper's praises. (Hey, if it works, keep doing it.)

At the very least, your body needs copper. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, copper is an essential nutrient for all living things. And in humans, copper is necessary for the healthy development of connective tissue, nerve coverings and bone.

If you want to see what copper can do for you, here are four potential health uses for it along with relevant gear.

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With many bold styles of copper bracelets to choose from, men can also benefit from copper jewelry. Credit: Billy The Tree

Copper May Relieve Arthritis Pain

Some companies (as well as arthritis sufferers) claim that copper bracelets and other copper items can reduce joint pain and stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

If you have fibromyalgia, arthritis or all-over body aches, copper-infused bed sheets or pajamas are available. And if your best friend is equally arthritic, try this dog bed for him.

Combat athlete's foot with copper-infused socks. Credit: Copper Clothing

Research Shows Copper Kills Microorganisms

A recent trial conducted by Dr. Tom Elliott, deputy medical director and consultant microbiologist at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, found that 90 to 95 percent of microorganisms died when they came in contact with items made of copper — which can include infectious organisms like bacteria and fungi.

To test copper's ability to kill the microorganisms that cause athlete's foot, you can try copper-infused socks.

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Reduce wrinkles on your hands with copper-infused gloves. Credit: Iluminage Beauty

Copper May Reduce Wrinkles

Dartmouth's Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program states that copper is a component of more than 30 enzymes in the human body, including some involved in collagen synthesis. Unfortunately, as you age your body doesn't produce as much collagen.

The result? Your skin loses elasticity and becomes unable to retain moisture.

To potentially boost copper and slow the aging process on your hands and face, you can wear these copper-infused gloves and sleep on this pillowcase.

Copper-infused cuffs reduce odor while providing joint support. Credit: Get Copper Fit

Combat Body Odor With Copper

If your sweat exudes a pungent aroma, you may be on a quest for an odor absorber. Fear not: Copper can possibly do that too.

Athletic types and fitness buffs can try these knee and elbow cuffs. And if hunting is your sport, these shirts and pants may hinder the wild animals from detecting your scent.

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Final Words on Copper

Should you give this magical metal a shot? Even though the jury is still out, many people swear by it. So, unless you have an allergy to copper, there's no harm in trying it — especially since it's natural and has no known side effects.

What Do YOU Think?

Have you used copper-infused products in the past? If so, which ones? Did they improve your health in any way? Are you inspired to try any of the products in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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