Pressure Points in the Hands

There are several different pressure points throughout the body. Depending on how hard they are pressed, these pressure points can bring pleasure, pain or reflexive action. In order to relieve pain in a certain part of the body, it is common practice in certain cultures to apply gentle pressure to specific pressure points in the hands. Pressure points can also be used as a defensive maneuver in fighting. They are also used to test a person’s natural reflexes.

Woman receives hand massage on her pressure points from another woman in a spa setting.
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Pressure Point 1

This pressure point is located in the meaty part of the hand between the index finger and the thumb. When testing for this pressure point, be sure to apply gentle pressure and include the muscle and not only the skin. When gentle pressure is applied to this area, it is believed to relieve headaches and back pain. Some cultures believe applying pressure to this area will act as a stress reliever and can help free the person from guilt.

Pressure Point 2

On the palm side of the hand, there is a pressure point located at the bottom of the hand where the hand meets the wrist. This pressure point is directly under the pinky finger, where the wrist bends inward. When pressed, the fingers will tingle slightly. It is believed that this pressure point will relieve stress, as well as clear the mind so one can think easier.

Pressure Point 3

This point is also on the palm side of the hand, directly at the bottom where the wrist and the hand meet. This point is in the center of the bottom of the hand, directly between the bones of the arm. If held for a long enough period of time, this point will allow the entire hand to go numb. Pressing and releasing this pressure point is also thought to relieve anxiety.

Pressure Point 4

This pressure point is located on the front side of the hand, where the fingernails are located. More specifically, it is located on the thumbnail itself. When the lower right corner of the left thumbnail is pressed, it is thought to bring about relaxation. The lower left corner of the right thumbnail is said to have the same effect.

Pressure Point 5

Another pressure point that is thought to bring about healing in the body is located on the palm side where the hand meets the wrist. This point is located directly beneath the thumb, where the thumb meets the hand. It can also bring tingling sensations to the fingers when pressed and held for a short period of time.

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