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Chamomile Tea Bags for Swollen Eye

Chamomile tea bags for swollen eyes are a homespun remedy that many people have heard of and perhaps even used. Chamomile, which a...

Oregano Tea Side Effects

A member of the mint family and a close relative of marjoram, the herb oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, two potent antimicro...

Milk Thistle Tea Benefits

Making tea out of herbs and plants such as milk thistle is a time-honored tradition, both for pleasure and medicinal purposes. Mil...

Chinese Tea Side Effects

Chinese tea has different varieties: green, white, oolong, red; they are differentiated by the type of leaves used to make the tea...

Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile tea, a traditional drink mild enough for small children in small quantities, is nonetheless powerful enough to treat a n...

What Are the Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea?

The colorful hibiscus flower is cultivated worldwide for both its aesthetic appeal and its medicinal uses, which are primarily in ...

Kombucha Tea Side Effects

Kombucha tea is made by fermenting several species of yeasts and bacteria along with sugar in black tea. The colony of yeast and b...

Yogi Detox Tea Side Effects

Yogi DeTox tea is billed as a gentle aid that helps your body cleanse itself. Product information claims the tea aids your body...

The Best Herbal Teas for Anxiety

Mild anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and stress that we all experience, often daily, and one way to relieve that anxiety is wi...

Essiac Tea Side Effects

Rene Caisse, a Canadian public health nurse, developed the formula for Essiac tea in the 1920s. This herbal concoction was widely ...
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