Fasting and Cleansing

close up of hand holding glass bottles of green and orange juice for a juice cleanse on a dark green background
White plate with round whatch shows six o'clock served knife and fork in a girl's hands on a blue background. Time to eat and diet concept. Top view.
Handsome man having breakfast eating cereals at home and smiling
Close-up of people having healthy lunch in a restaurant
Acai smoothie bowl with superfoods
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Knife and fork with a glass of water

7 Types of Fasts

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Italian Style Tagliatella Pasta With Feta Cheese
Healthy green fruit  juice
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Fresh Lemon Juice

Apple Detox Diet

Lemons on wood
Glass of water with ice on the table in restaurant at night

Water Fasting Side Effects

Leaf vegetable salad with smoked salmon

30-Day Cleansing Diet

A young woman is holding a reusable water bottle container outdoors
Lemon mint water with ice
Green Grapes fresh from the vine in a vineyard.

Detox Grape Diet

Red hot chili peppers on brown clay flat plate. Copy space. Top view. Food background.
Various citrus fruit on blue background top view with copy space
Fresh organic vegetables harvest. Local farmer market with vegetable box on wooden background, vegetarian food concept
Oatmeal diet bowl of oatmeal banana almonds
Grilled bacon, mozzarella sandwiches on wooden cutting boards and arugula, cherry tomato salad on dark background, top view.Delicious breakfast or snack, flat lay
Vegetable salad with roasted chicken meat
Fresh salad
Freshly picked heirloom tomato harvest: pear shaped, beef heart, tigerella, brandywine, cherry, black, indigo rose, green. Organic produce at a Farmer's market
Celery juice in a mason jar against a white wood background
Broccoli in a glass bowl, studio shot
Empty ceramic plate in black with a napkin on a gray concrete table, top view
Wild rose herbal skincare with sea salt. Flowering tender rosebuds
Magnesium chloride flakes in a saucer
Directly Above Shot Of Lemons On Table
Acai smoothie bowl, superfood vegan breakfast
Fresh blueberries
Man drinking water

5-Day Body Detox Plan