Try This Genius Trick the Next Time You Eat Corn

Surprise! There's a new method of eating corn that won't get those gnarly kernels stuck in your front teeth. Just in time for those summer barbecues, a Japanese Twitter user with the handle @alovesun is sharing the corn-eating hack he learned.

There’s a new method of eating corn that won’t get those gnarly kernels stuck in your front teeth.
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People are loving this helpful trick and how easy it makes eating corn on the cob — so much so that it's gone viral in the past month, garnering thousands of retweets and likes. The original tweet was captioned, "The most surprising thing from my move to Hokkaido was this way of eating corn," with four photos showing the man's thumb cleanly dismantling a row of corn on the cob.

The secret to this method was disclosed in the thread of @alovesun's tweet and later in a Buzzfeed News video. First he eats a row of kernels with his teeth (or you can pick it out with your fingers, like Buzzfeed does) to create some space. Then he places his thumb over the next row of kernels and adds pressure to it, pushing it toward the empty row. And just like magic, the entire row of kernels dislodges, leaving no stubborn corn residue behind!

In case you were wondering if this hack works on all types of corn worldwide, @alovesun used sweet corn in his demonstration — a common type of corn found in most grocery stores. In Buzzfeed's video, the corn was microwaved to soften the kernels before the technique was used.

Amazing, right? You won't have to floss out every single stuck kernel or waste any delicious leftover corn stubbornly clinging to the cob anymore!

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