How Many Calories Are in Frozen Yogurt Compared with Ice Cream?

It's best to compare frozen yogurt and ice cream by the fat content.
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Frozen yogurt and ice cream contain calcium that contributes to strong bones, but ice cream contains more calories. Ice cream also contains more fat.


A half-cup serving of whole milk frozen yogurt contains 110 calories. The same amount of regular ice cream contains 134 calories. A half-cup serving of low-fat frozen yogurt contains 107 calories, and a half-cup serving of low-fat ice cream contains 114.


According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, cutting back on fat consumption can help you lower your intake of calories. A gram of fat totals 9 calories. One hundred grams of fat-free vanilla ice cream contains 138 calories, but 100 grams of soft-serve vanilla frozen yogurt with fat in it contains 159 calories.


Frozen yogurt and ice cream are made in a variety of flavors. Flavored yogurt made with whole milk contains 115 calories per half-cup serving. Low-fat flavored yogurt contains 96 calories. One-half cup of whole milk chocolate ice cream contains 143 calories. A little more than half a cup of light chocolate ice cream contains 127 calories.