Yogurt Granola Parfait Calories

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Yogurt granola parfaits on a wooden table.
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The calorie count of a yogurt parfait with granola depends on the milk, yogurt and fruit you add. The brand of granola matters as well.

Calorie Count

An average yogurt, granola and fruit parfait contains about 160 calories for a 5.3-oz serving, according to CalorieKing.

Other Nutritional Information

A serving of fruit and yogurt parfait with granola contains 2 g of fat, 5 mg of cholesterol, 85 mg of sodium and 21 g of sugar.

Sugar Intake

Yogurt parfait can be very high in sugar. According to the American Heart Society, women should consume no more than 100 calories a day from sugar. Men should have no more than 150. A serving of yogurt parfait with granola that has 21 g of sugar derives 84 calories from the sugar. This is a large portion of the sugar recommended for adults for the entire day.

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