Yogurt Granola Parfait Calories

The calorie count of a yogurt parfait with granola depends on the milk, yogurt and fruit you add. The brand of granola matters as well.

Yogurt granola parfaits on a wooden table.
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Calorie Count

An average yogurt, granola and fruit parfait contains about 160 calories for a 5.3-oz serving, according to CalorieKing.

Other Nutritional Information

A serving of fruit and yogurt parfait with granola contains 2 g of fat, 5 mg of cholesterol, 85 mg of sodium and 21 g of sugar.

Sugar Intake

Yogurt parfait can be very high in sugar. According to the American Heart Society, women should consume no more than 100 calories a day from sugar. Men should have no more than 150. A serving of yogurt parfait with granola that has 21 g of sugar derives 84 calories from the sugar. This is a large portion of the sugar recommended for adults for the entire day.

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