Calories in Cineworld Popcorn

Although Cineworld Cinemas did not, as of 2010, publish nutrition information for the products in its concessions, several news stories provided insight into their calorie content. Use nutritional information to help you make smarter snacking choices.


Tim Smith of the U.K. Food Standards Agency worries that many moviegoers believe popcorn to be a low-calorie or even calorie-free snack, according to a February 2010 article in "The Times." This misconception may lead moviegoers to order large portions of popcorn without realizing how many calories it contains.



A nutritionist from "The Times" calculated that a large bag of sweet popcorn from a Cineworld theater in London contained about 1,800 calories. The bag weighed 375 g. To minimize the number of calories in your popcorn order, choose the smallest size available and share with a friend. Skip the added butter.


"Daily Mail" suggests that the large bags of sweet or salty popcorn at U.K. movie theaters such as Cineworld can contain as many calories as a full meal with a large serving of curry, side dishes and two bottles of beer, or a meal of pizza, garlic bread and tiramisu.