No Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol or Flour Diet

Following a diet is not always easy, and it can be overwhelming to choose the diet that suits you best among the many different diet plans offered. The best diet is the one that you will be able to stick with, not only during the weight loss process but also in the long-term to help you maintain your desired weight. If you can come up with a few simple tricks that will help you reduce your calories, while keeping it simple, you are likely to be successful with your diet. A good example would be to follow a diet that eliminates caffeine, sugar, alcohol and flour.


Caffeine and coffee are not bad for your weight by themselves , because black coffee does not contain any calories. However, most Americans like to have their coffee with sugar and cream and often have two, three or even five of them a day, without even mentioning the specialty coffees that are laden with sugar, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Moreover, coffee breaks are often associated not only with coffee, but with coffee cakes, muffins and other snacks that are not necessary. Even if you have your coffee with artificial sweeteners, which do not provide any sugar nor calorie, the sweet taste may contribute to maintaining your sweet tooth. Skip the caffeine and your daily calorie intake is likely to drop spontaneously.


Sugar is found in many foods, especially in foods that provide little to no nutritional value. Because each gram of sugar contains 4 calories per gram, eliminating sugar can help you reduce your calorie intake and facilitate weight loss. Avoid adding sugar to your foods, skip the jams and syrups, and stay away from soft drinks, candies and desserts. To completely eliminate sugar from your diet, carefully read the ingredient list to ensure the food you eat do not contain sucrose, dextrose, glucose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, syrup, molasses, fruit juice concentrates and dehydrated cane juice.


If you drink alcohol on a regular basis, this habit could be hindering your weight loss and even making you gain weight. Liquid calories are not filling and each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. For example, a 12-oz. beer contains an average of 150 calories and a 5-oz. glass of wine has about 125 calories. Cocktails can contain a lot of calories ans sugar. In addition, alcohol can lower your inhibitions and make you eat more than you would under normal circumstances. Eliminating alcohol from your diet will make it easier for you to achieve your goal weight.


Flour is found in bread, pasta, crackers, breakfast cereals, granola bars, muffins, pancakes, cookies, croissants, bagels and countless of other high-carb foods. Avoiding these foods can help you decrease your intake of non-nutritionally dense calories, or in other words calories that do not provide your body with the nutrients it requires. Cut out all flour-based foods and get your required nutrients and carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits. Complete your meal with protein from meat, fish, poultry and cheese and with fat from olive oil, avocado, nuts and nut butter