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Unexpected Health Habits of the Royal Family — Revealed!

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Unexpected Health Habits of the Royal Family — Revealed!
The Royal Family is surprisingly very health conscious. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

Britain might not be known as the healthiest country in the world, but don’t assume the Royal Family is sitting around gorging on bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and Yorkshire pudding like they're going out of style. In fact, it’s quite possible the regal clan is eating healthier and exercising harder than most people. From Duchess Kate’s raw food obsession and Meghan Markle’s anything-but-boring workouts to Prince Philips’ military workouts (he’s nearly 97, by the way), these health habits of the Royal Family will inspire you to up your health and fitness game. And they don't require a budget fit for a queen.

1. Queen Elizabeth Restricts Carbs
The Queen of England has a strategy to keep her carbohydrate consumption under control. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

1 Queen Elizabeth Restricts Carbs

The Queen of England — who looks phenomenal at 91 — isn’t afraid of eating carbs. She enjoys Special K for breaky, English biscuits and finger sandwiches during afternoon tea and other starches with some of her meals. However, she has a clever tactic to avoid overindulging in glutinous foods: She only enjoys potatoes, pasta and rice when dining with company. When dining solo, she sticks to locally sourced proteins, fruits and veggies. Oh yeah, and no matter who she’s dining with, her meals include a bit of booze.

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Kate Middleton Eats Raw Foods
Kate Middleton is totally into the raw-food trend — in moderation. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

2 Kate Middleton Eats Raw Foods

Sure, Kate — also known as Catherine, Duchess of York — enjoys such princess perks as personal trainers, world-class chefs and a beauty team that would make an A-list celeb jealous. But in addition to maintaining a pretty strict diet, she also dabbles in the raw food trend. One day a week she eats nothing but uncooked cuisine like ceviche, watermelon salads, gazpacho, goji berries, tabbouleh and almond milk.

Why is this a great idea? Not only does a raw-food regimen cut out processed foods, which can result in weight loss, raw foods are loaded with healthy nutrients and water-soluble vitamins that are lost in cooking. While going totally raw can be difficult and not always the healthiest option, you, like Kate, can still reap many of the benefits by incorporating more raw foods into your regular diet.

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3. Meghan Markle Mixes Up Workouts
Meghan Markle is the queen of workouts. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

3 Meghan Markle Mixes Up Workouts

The former actress and soon-to-be royal is one of those people who loves exercising. “My health, my state of mind, the feeling you have after a workout; all of these things drive me to step onto my mat or go to the gym,” she told Women’s Health UK. “Sometimes the idea of working out sounds absolutely dreadful, but I always remind myself of how good it will feel afterward. Euphoric almost!”

One way to stay enthused about exercise à la Markle is to keep your workouts fun by mixing them up. A few of her go-tos include yoga, Pilates, running, group fitness classes, doing workout DVDs and working out with a personal trainer. Not only does she avoid boredom, but diversifying her routine helps her avoid hitting a fitness plateau.

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4. Prince Philip Does Military Workouts
Prince Philip still works out like he’s in the service. Photo Credit: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

4 Prince Philip Does Military Workouts

The Duke of Edinburgh is nearly 97 years old and is still a pillar of health. What’s his secret? He reportedly follows the 5BX Plan, designed for Royal Canadian Air Force recruits. The workout requires no equipment, can be done anywhere and uses basic exercises to strengthen every muscle in the body — stretching, sit-ups, back extensions, push-ups and running in place — all done in an intensive 11-minute period. In addition, he maintains an overall healthy lifestyle, follows a low-carb, Atkins-style diet, drinks black coffee instead of tea and consumes very little alcohol. He also walks a lot and takes the stairs whenever he can.

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5. Prince Harry Avoids Dairy
Prince Harry recently ditched dairy. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

5 Prince Harry Avoids Dairy

While he’s no longer the world’s most eligible bachelor, Harry looks more handsome than ever. How does the Prince stay so fit and healthy? According to a report, the hunky prince decided to ditch dairy a few years back “in his pursuit of the perfect body.” (Many people report higher energy levels and an overall sense of well-being when they cut out dairy.) In 2017 he revealed he “doesn’t even eat pizza anymore."

Of course, he does indulge every once in a while — for instance, that time he ate a deep-dish pie in Chicago. As for fitness, he works out at the Third Space gym nearly every day and does high-intensity interval training at trendy London gym Core Collective. And it’s quite likely he learned a thing or two about training during his grueling years in the British Army. No pain, no gain!

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6. Prince Charles Eats Organic
The future King has been eating organic since before you were born. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

6 Prince Charles Eats Organic

There’s nothing trendy about organic eating to the future King of England. According to reports, the Prince of Wales has an organic and farm-to-table obsession — and has been eating that way for decades. One former chef to the Royal Family declared he "was organic before organic was even invented." For instance, he prefers to eat game and fish hunted and caught by himself and his sons and organic fruits and veggies harvested at his Gloucestershire home. When he travels, he takes his homegrown food with him in “piles and piles of cool-boxes,” even when traveling around the world on official tours. And, like his father, the heir’s workout of choice is the 5BX plan.

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7. Sarah Ferguson Stopped Comfort-Eating
Sarah Ferguson found the perfect nutritional balance. Photo Credit: Cooper Neill/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

7 Sarah Ferguson Stopped Comfort-Eating

It’s no secret the former wife of Prince Andrew has struggled with body confidence for most of her life. “I used to be so angry,” Ferguson told Hello magazine of her weight fluctuations. “I believed I was never going to lose the weight, that I had lost control. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes. I was just drowning in eating, drowning in food.” The former Weight Watchers spokesperson tried nearly every diet under the sun until she realized that comfort-eating had become an addition. Once she was able to curb it, she lost a whopping 55-pounds! According to the Daily Mail, the particular food combination that “works for her” is a strange one — tomatoes, eggs, mayonnaise and mandarins. Whatever keeps you satisfied, right?

8. Princess Eugenie Swears by Circuits
Princess Eugenie gets up early to get in her workout. Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

8 Princess Eugenie Swears by Circuits

Fergie’s daughter, Princess Eugenie of York, recently flaunted a slimmed-down and toned-up body in her engagement photos — and she has early-morning workouts to thank for her transformation. “I get up around 6:45 to start exercising by 7,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “I go to the park from 7 to 8. I do circuits, which I love because they’re quick: burpees, squat jumps, lunges, the whole lot... Or I go with my best friend to this amazing, women-only gym called Grace Belgravia.” She also avoids sugary drinks — sticking to green tea, coffee, Diet Coke and fizzy water — which is a good thing, because they're known to contribute to obesity.

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What Do YOU Think?
What do you think about the health habits of the Royal Family? Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

What Do YOU Think?

What do you think about the health habits of the Royal Family? Who surprised you the most? Will you try any of their diets or workouts? Let us know in the comments!

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