Foods to Eat After Getting a Tongue Ring

After having your tongue pierced, the healing process may take as long as four weeks to heal, says the Center for Young Women's Health. During the first few weeks of healing, you'll find that your swollen tongue makes it hard for you to chew, and the site of the piercing may be painful, especially when eating hot or spicy foods. To promote the best healing possible, consume only foods that help the healing process and ease your pain. As your piercing heals, you'll be able to introduce new foods into your diet once again.

Liquid Food

You may find that in the days immediately following your piercing that chewing is difficult because of the size of your tongue. You might even find yourself biting your tongue more often because it is so swollen. Until the swelling subsides, it's a good idea to choose liquid foods, notes Protein shakes, clear broths that have been cooled and meal replacement shakes are a good place to start.

Soft, Bland Foods

Once the swelling begins to subside, you can introduce soft, bland, easy-to-eat foods into your diet. Applesauce and yogurt, eaten cold, can help to ease pain and offer your body nutrition. You can also try ice cream and even baby food as an alternative to foods that take a lot of chewing. Choose foods that need little in the way of chewing before you are able to swallow; the less pressure that you put on your new tongue ring, the faster it will heal. Spicy foods can irritate the damaged tongue tissue until it heals.


Beverages are fine to consume after you have your tongue pierced, as long as they are not too hot. Your new tongue ring can conduct heat, making it very hot and putting you at risk for mouth burns. Instead, try cold drinks that will help to numb the pain directly following the procedure, as well as cooled drinks as you work up to warmer drinks like coffee and tea. Alcohol should be strictly avoided until the tongue has healed, says, as it can impede the healing process.


After you eat anything, rinse your mouth so that all food particles are washed away. Use a warm salt water rinse made of a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt every four hours for the first few days after your have your tongue pierced, to reduce the risk of infection, dentist Dr. Daniel Ravel of the Pediatric Dental Health advises. Swish the rinse vigorously around your mouth, then spit to get rid of germs and food particles that may linger after eating.

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