Where to Put an Elliptical in Your House

Using an elliptical trainer burns calories and tones your muscles, but if you don't have the time or budget to visit a gym several days a week, consider buying the machine for your home. Sure, it's a significant expense initially, but making an investment in your health is something you should never doubt. The size of the elliptical trainer could make placing it a tricky issue, but you shouldn't have trouble finding the right spot for the machine somewhere in your house.


Although you have the freedom of putting your elliptical trainer virtually anywhere in your home, a few considerations can help you get the most out of the machine's placement. Elliptical trainers should sit on flat ground in a clean part of your home and the machine should be close to an electrical outlet. Consider, too, how you'll feel during your workout. If you enjoy working out in private, avoid putting the machine in a common area such as the living room, which will often be full of family members. Measure the length and width of the machine to determine how much space it will take up and then place it in an area where it won't become an obstacle.


Provided your bedroom is large enough, it's an ideal area to place your elliptical trainer. The machine is immediately accessible when you wake up in the morning, and Bodybuilding.com reports that an aerobic workout before you eat breakfast helps burn fat at a higher rate than a workout at other times of the day. If you require privacy for your workout, you can close the door of your bedroom so family members won't watch you. If you have a TV in the bedroom, you'll be able to keep yourself entertained as you exercise.


Many people set up workout areas in their basements, and provided you have enough room for the elliptical trainer there, it is a suitable location. If you enjoy home-based workouts, the basement provides room for not only the elliptical trainer, but also mats for stretching, free weights and any other exercise accessories you use regularly. Basements also offer a private area and because they don't have the same level of traffic as family rooms, the elliptical likely won't be obtrusive there.


If you have a large garage with ample room, it might seem an appealing area, but the Treadmill Doctor warns that the humidity and dirt prevalent in many garages can prematurely cause the elliptical trainer to wear out. Regardless of where you put the machine, ensure your children will stay away from it. If the machine has a safety keep, hide it or consider placing a lock on the machine's electrical plug.

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