Drawbacks of the Bosu Ball

The bosu resembles a stability ball that has been cut in half. The device, which has a dome side and a flat side, combines the benefits of a stability ball and balance board training. The bosu is an efficient type of balance-training and sports-conditioning equipment. It does, however, have a few significant drawbacks.

A man is doing push ups on a bosu ball.
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Pin Removal

The bosu comes with a small pin, which is inserted after the device is inflated. Inserting the pin is easy. Taking it out, even with the small removal device, can be challenging. The pin is also tiny, and can be easily misplaced.

Inflation Pump

The bosu comes with an inflation pump that is more suitable for blowing up a balloon. It takes a long time to inflate the device, especially since the pump can easily slip away from the inflation hole. Use a bicycle pump if available.

Platform Problems

In some cases, the bosu dome may come unglued from the platform. Save the warranty so that you can get a replacement.

Temperature Sensitivity

The bosu is sensitive to extreme cold and extreme heat. It should not be stored near any heating device. If you are leaving it in a car for more than an hour in cold weather, you will need to deflate the device.

Limited Strength Training

While the bosu can be used in conjunction with weight training, its extreme balance challenge limits the amount of weight that can be used. Consider using it as part of an integrated training program. Perform one set of an exercise using traditional strength training equipment, and then use lighter weight to perform an exercise for the same muscle group on the bosu .

Form Compromise

The bosu, especially when used on its platform side, is a challenging piece of equipment. Beginners, who have not yet developed adequate core strength, may be tempted to compromise form and over-compensate for weak core muscles by using larger muscle groups. This defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Potential for Injury

Exercising on the bosu requires extreme concentration. Without it, you risk slipping off the device and incurring an injury. If you tend to sweat, perspiration accumulating on the dome can cause you to lose your balance. People with weak ankles may find that their ankles twist when stepping on and off the platform side. Most of these problems can be solved by taking precautions and creating a progressive program, but they should still be taken into consideration.


The average bosu is priced over $100. This is expensive for what is essentially half a stability ball.

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