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Creme fraiche, a French specialty is a thick and smooth soured cream, well loved for its nutty flavor and velvety texture. Creme fraiche is enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes, making an excellent addition to everything from soups to cakes and pies.


A 2-tbsp. serving of creme fraiche contains 110 calories, according to Calorie King.

Nutrition Facts

A 2-tbsp. serving of creme fraiche contains 11 g of fat, with 7 g coming from saturated fat. It also provides 40 mg of cholesterol, 10 mg of sodium and 20 mg of calcium. A 2-tbsp. serving contains less than 1 g each of sugar, protein and fiber.


With 110 calories and about 35 percent of the daily value for saturated fat, a 2-tbsp. serving of creme fraiche is fat and calorie-dense. Since creme fraiche is typically used as a topping or addition to a meal, consider how many calories it adds to food that may already be high in calories. If you're trying to lose weight, treat creme fraiche as an occasional diet splurge instead of a regular fixture in your meals.

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