How Many Calories Are in a Small Pizza with Extra Cheese?

If you love pizza, try limiting yourself to a single slice or two.

For many dieters, pizza is the one indulgence they simply can't do without. And while there's no reason you should ban pizza from your diet, portion control is essential for enjoying pizza without consuming an unhealthy number of calories.


One 9-inch frozen pizza with extra cheese topping contains 760 calories. Of these, 280 calories come from fat.

Nutrition Facts

A 9-inch extra cheese pizza contains 32 g of fat; with 16 of those grams coming from saturated fat, that's 80 percent of the recommended daily value for saturated fat for an individual on a 2,000-calorie diet. One pizza also provides 80 mg of cholesterol, 1,420 mg of sodium, 6 g of fiber and 38 g of protein.


If extra-cheese pizza is a favorite treat for you, go ahead and enjoy it on occasion, even if you're trying to lose weight. But limit yourself to one or two slices; eating an entire pizza in one sitting packs an unhealthy amount of calories, fat and salt into a single meal. Better yet, choose a regular-cheese pizza with vegetable toppings to cut the calories and increase the nutrients.