How Many Calories Are in Chili from Wendy's?

A bowl of chili and cheese.
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If you enjoy the hamburgers at Wendy's, you don't necessarily have to order fries to eat with your burger. If you favor a side dish that's lower in calories and higher in protein, consider a cup of chili. Loaded with beef and beans, and high in fiber and protein, Wendy's chili is available in two sizes: a small cup to enjoy as a side dish, or a large cup that can suffice as a meal on its own.

A Healthy Alternative to Fries

The caloric content of Wendy's chili, which is slow-cooked for 4 hours, varies according to the serving size. A small cup of chili contains 180 calories, while a large cup has 270 calories. The chili has fewer calories than a side order of fries, which have between 220 and 500 calories, depending on the serving size. If you're conscious of the calories you consume, avoid putting toppings on your chili. Adding shredded cheddar cheese to a small cup, for example, increases the calories in the chili from 180 to 250.

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